Windows 8 Directv Player (Watch Movies Online) Issue

This is off-topic but I know people will run into this issue after calling Directv customer service they told me “We currently do not support Windows 8 Operating System…”

Issue is when installing the Directv Player *My version is Directv Player 6.1, There is a error “Adobe Flash for Internet explorer error” This is caused by current incompatibility by the built in ActiveX control within Internet explorer. Don’t bother Uninstalling Adobe Flash or Disabling the IE Flash Player ActiveX.


You will need to use Windows 7 compatibility mode to install this. Download the Directv Player 6.1 found here.

Download then right-click and choose “Troubleshoot Compatibility” next choose “Troubleshoot Program” > Check box “The Program worked in earlier versions..” > “Choose Windows 7″ then Next” From there just use the regular install procedure and it should work fine.